Homeopathic Weight Reduction Programme

"Homeo-reduction" is a newly developed method of attaining a personal ideal weight, healthily and happily, and of maintaining the weight loss. It works by combining a diet low in carbohydrates and low in fats with the help of special homeopathic drops, which break down fat in the body.

What foods can someone wanting to lose weight eat plenty of?

Everything except heavy carbohydrates in the form of side dishes such as bread, potatoes, rice and pasta. The consumption of sweet dishes in any form (e.g. sweets, chocolates, cakes etc.) should be avoided or strictly limited in order to accelerate the success of the diet. Fat as a spread should be used sparingly (e.g. replace butter with mustard, ketchup or quark, steam food in water rather than frying in oil) and remove excess fat (cut the rind from ham and bacon or better still select lean meat). Food should chiefly consist of a combination of protein (meat, poultry, fish, quark and soya products) and light carbohydrates (almost all vegetables and salads) and fruit (in-between meals). These types of food ensure that fat deposits and not muscle tissue will be broken down and is why "homeo-reduction" has an important advantage over other diets. You can get plenty of protein, vitamins and anti-oxidants with this food and so "homeo-reduction" can be implemented for weeks without the appearance of deficiency symptoms.

The patient will receive a detailed text on "homeo-reduction", which contains tips and advice about how to adjust to certain life-style and eating habits as well as recipe suggestions for the period of weight reduction and the subsequent weight stabilisation. The recipes are simple to prepare without weighing out single ingredients and without calorie counting. The recipes make it especially easy for working people to follow the diet, as the meals can be easily prepared in advance and give ample choice when eating out in restaurants or celebrating.

What effect does the taking of homeopathic drops have?

The drops consist of different homeopathic medicines of a diverse potency, which are aimed at stimulating the metabolism and working against fatigue and exhaustion in one's daily life. Taking the drops during the diet has the added effect that the craving for sweets and fatty foods is reduced and so it is very easy to follow this new nutrition plan. The patients have no hunger pangs and do not suffer because they are not eating certain foods. The drops also prevent the skin and tissue from becoming slack and help the adjustment to your changing body proportions.

Why are several homeopathic medicines given together and not just the one prescribed medicine as in Classic homeopathy?

It is well known that overweight (Adipositas) can be caused by illnesses where the body malfunctions and can likewise cause you to become ill. Therefore I would like to stress at this point, as a Classic homeopath, that no illness can be treated in the real sense of the word with " homeo-reduction". It does however entirely support the patient both emotionally and physically, so that they find a kind of balance for themselves and their body. To find an individual remedy one must be able to register overweight as an illness with symptoms which can be treated. However it is also true that many overweight people feel well and are generally healthy and only want to lose pounds to become more attractive and more mobile. Those affected mostly describe the consequences of their overweight (as for example, heavy perspiration, discomfort with support apparatus, immobility and shortness of breath).

" Homeo-reduction" is based on the knowledge that certain homeopathic medicines are more suited to the physical treatment of overweight people than others. This knowledge has already been developed by the founder of homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, in his writings about tested medicines, the so-called " Organon of the Medical Art". A combination of such different medicines has been proved to work actively and to support the complex process of weight adjustment. As a control test patients were tested on the diet without taking the drops. The patients gave up the diet after just a week because of hunger pangs, cravings and emotional reasons such as bad moods, irritability and lack of motivation.

How can you help the process of losing weight?

Every sporting activity burns additional calories and accelerates the breakdown of fat deposits. Certain exercises are aimed at promoting the formation of certain muscle groups and have a positive effect on the degeneration of tissue and skin. I recommend supplementing the diet with endurance sports such as walking, jogging, swimming and cycling. People new to exercise should increase their movement workload slowly where they take the stairs more often than the lift or the escalator. Even a long stroll or a short brisk walk burns calories and increases your general well being.

Which people are suited to "homeo-reduction"?

Everyone who does not suffer from a serious illness (e.g. heart and circulation problems, diabetes etc). People who have to take an increased health risk into consideration should only follow this diet under medical advice. The use of homeopathic drops has no side effects or contraindications with other medicines. A detailed introductory talk about the health condition of a patient (Anamnese) is necessary when an increased health risk is possible or Adipositas is shown to be present in the family.

How is "homeo-reduction" implemented?

Each patient can independently implement the diet after the concept has been explained. Nevertheless I offer to work together with every patient to find the possible causes for their overweight. A certain change in how you regard your food and your lifestyle is necessary to reduce one's weight and maintain the loss. It is very important to get to the root cause for becoming overweight such as e.g. eating too frequently, or cravings for food followed by emotional feelings such as stress, anger, worry and even boredom. Lack of movement and bad habits such as late or mindless eating in front of the television can also be a cause. It is often at such times that you turn towards food that has a high sugar content (e.g. chocolate, cakes, sweets etc) or a high fat content (e.g. chips, cream cakes, and heavy food). For this reason everyone with a long-term weight problem should examine the root causes and work to gradually change or reduce them.

How successful is "homeo-reduction"?

Homeopathy is numbered amongst the gentle cures but it must be understood that homeopathic weight loss is not a "Crash diet"! On average the patient loses 5-8 kg in the first 4 weeks and 12-15 kg in 12 weeks. Losing 1-2 kg a week is recommended as healthy so that the body has time to become accustomed to the changed body proportions. The patient loses all his weight very steadily and it is concentrated on 6 different areas of the body (upper arms, bust, waist, hips, buttocks and thighs). See "Graphic Representation". The more closely the patients adhere to the recommended concept, the quicker their own personal weight goal and ideal weight will be achieved.

What happens when you stop taking the drops?

All patients can maintain their correct weight, as the metabolism of the body has already adapted after 4 weeks of taking the drops and keeping to the diet. There is a reduced craving for sweets and fatty foods and so there are no hunger pangs or fear of needing to make up for lost time with certain foods. The body reacts to an excessive supply of fats and carbohydrates by feeling satiated more quickly with an unpleasant overfull feeling. This has the result that one is more aware of what one is eating.

In principle one can eat everything after the diet within limits. I still recommend following a diet which is low-fat, low-sugar, varied and rich in nutrients with a high proportion of natural, non-processed and raw foods (e.g. fruit, vegetables, wholemeal products etc.) After a " feast day " one should have a "reduced day" (e.g. fruit, vegetable or rice day)

However anyone who has high fat and sugar foods regularly every day for weeks on end and little movement to burn up these excess calories will not be able to maintain the goal weight they reached through " homeo-reduction".

What advantages does "Homeo-reduction" offer?

The patients are happy, full of energy, able to concentrate and productive.

The well balanced diet does not attack muscle tissue but guarantees the breakdown of stored fat.

There is no tedious calorie counting and weighing out small portions.

The patients suffer no hunger pangs.

There are no side effects or contraindications with other medicines.

The diet is easy to follow independently.

You can maintain your weight afterwards and then eat everything (within limits!)

No dreaded yo-yo effect.

Should you have further questions about "homeo-reduction" please feel free to contact me at any time. If you do not live in Berlin but would like to follow the programme please contact me at my e-mail address!


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