Dr. Simone Lindenau (Ph.D.)


2012 Promotion to “Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology – Ph.D. (RUS)”
Qualified in classical homeopathy, Berlin
1993 Certification as a “Alternative Practitioner”, Berlin
1992 Diploma in Biology - Free University, Berlin

Experience / Further Education

2014 EFT - “Emotional Freedom Techniques -Training” (Level 1 & 2) &
      “Matrix-Reimprinting” and “Advanced Tools”
      with Karin Davidson (trainee of Karl Dawson – originator) on Jamaica
      Certification “EFT & Matrix-Reimprinting Practitioner”

2013 Certification “Consultant Intestinal Health” (DePROM)

2012 Promotion to “Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology – Ph.D. (RUS)”
      Thesis title: “Effect of “emotional process support” on migraine patients”
      “Matrix energy treatments”, training with Armin Burkhard and Andrew Blake
      Practitioner training “Matrix Enegetics” (Level 1 & 2) with Richard Bartlett &
      Melissa Joy

2008 Conduction of studies to demonstrate the effect of “emotional process support” on
      migraine patients

2007 Development of “Circle Process” as part of emotional process therapy of IEPA
      (Institute for Emotional Process Therapy) & certification

2006 Participation in cooperative-work of systemic constellations with IEPA
      (Institute for Emotional Process Therapy), including in depth training of systemic
       constellations lead by Dr. med. Dorothea von Stumpfeldt

Since 2005 Implementation of “Systemic Constellations”, partially including homeopathic

2005 Certification “Adiposity- and Nutritional Counseling”

2004 Certification BKHD
(German alliance of registered “classical homeopaths”)

2003 Certification as “Mycotherapy Advisor”
      Project “Homeopathes without borders” at Kenia
      Education of folkways/ traditional midwives in Classical Homeopathy

1998 Development & introduction of “homeo-reduction” (homeopathic weight reduction),
      working with patients who seek support losing weight

1997 Certification as “Aqua Fitness Instructor”, active in this field until 1999

1994 Began practicing as a homeopath, alternative practitioner and nutritional advisor

1990-1994 Further education as a “Classic Homeopath”
       under German and international homeopaths (Georgos Vithoulkas, Ananda Zaren,
       Alfons Geukens, Massimo Mangialavori and others....)

1986-1992 Studied Biology and Psychology

For any questions about me , my education or about homeopathy please feel free to contact me.

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